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Road trip

Before taking a road trip have your vehicle inspected to help avoid possible break downs.  A week before you plan on leaving is the best time, in case we find something that needs a little extra attention it won’t delay your trip.

Maximize your fuel economy

Car TipsFollowing is a list of eight ways the EPA suggests to maximize your fuel economy.

  1. Go the speed limit and use cruise control: driving faster and fluctuations in speed simply use more gas.
  2. Drive sensibly: aggressive accelerating and braking waste fuel. They’re  also less safe.
  3. Avoid idling and rush-hour traffic: when you’re stuck in traffic and not moving, your car gets 0 miles per gallon.
  4. Keep your engine properly tuned:  even small problems can have a big effect on fuel economy.
  5. Remove junk from the trunk:  don’t carry more than you need-an extra 100 pounds could reduce fuel mileage by up to 2 percent.
  6. Use the recommended grade of motor oil:  your vehicle’s manufacturer specifies the oil to use; not doing so can afffect mileage by up to 2 percent.
  7. Keep tires properly inflated:  this is a simple, proven method for maintaining iptimal fuel economy, while also maximizing the life of your vehicle’s tires.
  8. Avoid rooftop carriers:  they add aerodynamic drag on your vehicle, causing it to use more fuel to maintain its highway speed. Excessive weight in the carrier can also affect mileage.

Dangers of going through standing water

Along with our summer rain storms comes road flooding. Going through standing water can cause damage to your engine, the belts can start slipping causing lose of power steering, no air conditioning, and the alternator won’t charge. If you cannot avoid the area exercise caution when going through water, go slow and try to stay in the highest part of the road.

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